Visual Artist/Curator

Mediated Realities, Freedman Gallery USA 24 May-29 June 2014


Mediated Realities,Freedman Gallery,Albright College USA

Mediated Realities,Freedman Gallery,Albright College USA


Mediated Realities

Freedman Gallery

Albright College

Reading , P.A. USA

24 May- 29 June 2014

Mediated Realities International Exhibition Exchange is a curatorial collaboration between Angie Duignan (IRL)and Amy Stevens (US)

Presented in the main gallery, this is the second in a series of exhibitions Stevens and Duignan have curated with artists living in Ireland and the United States.

With an interest in work from emerging and established artists from both countries, as well as an interest in politics, social media and the personal and public spheres, Mediated Realities examines this subject matter through a variety of media, including photography, video, sculpture, interactive electronics and installation.

Artists in the exhibition include Carol Anne Connolly (IRL), Wendy DesChene(US) and Jeff Schmuki(US), Angie Duignan(IRL), Lori Hepner(US), Shelagh Honan(IRL), Allison Kaufman(US), Róisín Loughrey(IRL), and Sinead McDonald(IRL), as well as Albright associate professor Matthew Garrison(US) and assistant professor Wil Lindsay(US).

Running concurrently to Mediated Realities, on view in the foyer’s Digital Gallery, is David Politzer: New Growth.

In a series of three different but related videos, Politzer updates landscape and framing devices through the use of current technology. He takes the audience on a journey through nature as they simultaneously view it through the recorded device and the artificial frames he sets up, and then subsequently tears down, challenging one’s notion of viewing. David Politzer: New Growthruns May 24 to June 29.

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