Visual Artist/Curator

Boyle Arts Festival 2015- RVAF group exhibition, Roscommon Herald Building 23July-1 Aug 2015



Shifting Perspectives- Boyle Arts Festival Fringe Exhibition 2015

Shifting Perspectives- Boyle Arts Festival Fringe Exhibition 2015

Artist-Angie Duignan

Title– ‘Interactive Self-Stirring Spoon’ Installation 2015. ©Angie Duignan 2015

Details– Arduino, Motor Shield,Hacked Servo Motor,Neodonium Magnets,Mechanics, Ping Sensor, Audio Looped,Speakers, found/reclaimed Objects.

Description– The tea cup sits ideally on a small table until an audience member walks close to it, triggering the tea spoon to stir apparently unaided. Depending on the proximity to the tea cup the audience member can make the spoon stir faster or slower creating the illusion that the spoon has a life of its own.
Statement– This single piece is one of a series of ongoing investigations into “The Secret Life of Objects” with reference to Objects and Memory. The work also alludes to the paranormal and magic in a playful manner. The anti clockwise stirring motion of the spoon suggests wider forces at work in the piece and makes one question reality,perception and expectation.

Interactive Self-Stirring Spoon in a Teacup Installation 2015. Table made from repurposed wardrobe found in my mothers skip July 2015. Original News Paper (The Daily Chronicle (London)) found as is attached to veneered wood panel behind mirror in wardrobe dated 2 December 1924. Audio-“Haunted House Blues” by Bessie Smith 1924.

Interactive Self-Stirring Spoon Installation – Video Documentation©Angie Duignan 2015

Come along and see my “Interactive Self-Stirring Spoon” in a Tea cup and a host of other visual art exhibits 🙂

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