Visual Artist/Curator


My practice  interweaves biographical narratives with hidden autobiographical observations/statements creating multi-layered works that bridge documentary and fiction. My work draws on elements from the human psyche, creating fictional scenarios, while making parallels with realistic landscapes that are uncomfortably familiar. The work provokes reaction through use of reference, suggestion, symbolism, and the mixing of fantasy and reality. I have an interest in memory and fairytales ,their  history, meaning and relevance in modern society. I am interested in narrative, how new meanings are formed through the act of remembering, retelling and engagement with  the story. My work focuses on perception and intended meaning, I frequently use immediate family members as models, creating what appear to be documentary snap shots, but in reality are carefully structured scenarios/stories. The aim of the work is to challenge, but also to engage the viewer, the work creates a sense of unease from which numerous meanings can be drawn. My current practice explores object permanence, memory and objects, utilising  mechanics, electronics, audio and interactive devices to bring to life inanimate objects.



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